steve portrait

Steven Fidler was born in Detroit, Michigan USA in 1959 and raised in the Detroit suburb of Madison Heights.  He moved to the Grand Rapids, Michigan USA area in 1983 where he lives and works.

Steve has studied under many talented metal workers that have taught him their tricks of the trade.  This is how he received his most valuable training as a metal artist.  This experience and training created the foundation which led him to become the successful metal artist that he is today.  He has been commissioned to do functional metal artwork and furniture for private collections, corporate buildings and various commercial facilities.

His talents with metal work have made him a favorite vendor with many Interior Designers, Architects and other Artists.  One of Steve’s specialties is helping others build the things they dream up.  He likes to tell potential clients, ”If you can think of it, I can make it”.

He utilizes a variety of metals and materials to create unique metal sculptures, architectural features and furniture.  His specialty is highly polished stainless steel, although he does a lot of work with his unique patina finishes on steel, bronze, copper and aluminum.  The attention to detail and specialty finishes are a hallmark of his work.  His art work with mirror finish details are like nothing you have ever experienced before. Steve Has been working with stainless steel for over 25 years. He has also developed an artistic etching pattern for stainless steel art work.  He developed this to provide a very durable, interesting and attractive surface that would not show small scratches, dust and smudges common to stainless steel.

Steve has traveled throughout the United States including Hawaii, the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas for designers and architects.  His metal work has been largely appreciated in the Los Angeles area.

He is often contacted by writers due to his metal working expertise and his contributions have been published in magazines about stainless steel in today’s kitchens.