Artist Statement
As a child, I would walk through the General Motors Design Center where my father worked, looking at the cars of the future.  All the shiny, smooth fenders and futuristic looking designs served as a platform for my interest as well as a benchmark for good design.

The mirror finish pieces I create possess a chameleon effect. Each one takes on the same characteristics as its surroundings. The smooth lines. The flawless, shiny, reflective-ness of each piece creates wonder. Just what are we looking at? It causes you to question its relativity. Even its existence. The reflective-ness inspires the actual feeling that you have even more than you have.

I revel in the fact that I can take raw materials and create something both beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary that makes people happy and amazed.  I also like to create the illusion of movement or energy within some of them.

I enjoy working metals and materials in ways they don’t want to go. A designer once said, “Steve is smarter than the metal!” It starts when I picture what the new work will look like in my imagination, then make a drawing of it with precise measurements. Then I locate the raw materials and ultimately find great satisfaction in creating both beautiful and unique art. My hope is for the viewers’ first comment to be, “Wow - that’s stunning! I’d love one.”

Steven Fidler